5 From-the-Heart Gifts for a Newly-Wed Couple

Weddings are always an enjoyable affair. While dressing up for a wedding can be fun, picking a gift the couple will like can be quite testing. Here are some never-fail gift ideas for you to choose from.

Weddings are a time of fun, laughter and the joy. It is also a time to help the couple set up a new home, or present them with something that will keep the memories of their wedding fresh. Here are some great ideas for you to consider.

Gift them memories in photographs: Nothing is as personal as photographs. They say ‘pictures speak a thousand words’. You could consider creating a collage of the couple – from their younger days, right up to the wedding, as a keepsake. Gifting them a digital frame with this is a great idea. Alternately, you could have the photos printed onto useful things like pillow cases, cushion covers, key chains or even jewelry that you gift them.

Plan a getaway for them: Of course, they will have their honeymoon planned out. But once they get down to the reality of living life together, time and even money may be a constraint to going on a holiday. Gift them a getaway that they can avail of a good time after their wedding. There are a host of travel sites that will give you some great customized packages. Ensure the validity dates extend over a long period of time.

Get them a gift card: Of course, money is a great gift, but gift cards are equally wonderful. It is a more personal way of presenting a new couple with something useful. There is always something more that they can shop for when going out and your card can help bring in that one thing that may not have been within their budget or on the periphery of their thoughts. Gift vouchers can also be for a wine-and-dine night at a fancy restaurant, or a luxury spa experience.

Help with the home décor: Moving into their first house is one of things newlyweds are most excited about (other than their honeymoon, of course). Decorating the house can be a pretty hectic task for them. You can help them out by gifting them items that would enhance the aesthetics of their household. Getting their first dance song lyrics framed, wall vinyls and wall hangings are a few ideas to begin with. Get them to register on a wedding registry to ensure you get them exactly what they want.

Pitch in with kitchen essentials: I think it’s safe to agree that setting up the kitchen space in a new house is not an easy task. Any newly married couple would be thankful for all the help they can get with this. Gift them cooking essentials that they can use on a daily basis. If you want to be a little fancy, gift them porcelain crockery, chinaware or silver cutlery. You could also get their initials engraved on the cutlery for a more personalized touch.

There! You have a bunch of ideas to pick from for the next wedding you are attending. These are beautiful and practical gifts the couple will cherish for years to come.