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5 Easy Hacks to Get Rid of Household Clutter

Clutter is an intrinsic part of a lively household. But do not treat it as a permanent member.

Picture this: You return home after a hectic day. The kids are in their rooms and your spouse is relaxing in front of the TV. The house is spotless, everything is in place and the dishes you had cooked and placed neatly in the fridge are ready to be heated. You freshen up and everyone sits down to a cheerful dinner.

Picture this: You return home after a hectic day. Newspapers are piled up on the sofa, keys are flung on the dining table, shoes are left outside the overflowing shoe rack, wet towels are lying on the bed, the kitchen counter has packets and spilt juice with several empty bottles of jam and juice and everyone is frantically searching for the TV remote, which cannot be found. You join in the search, find it under the bean bag and you end up scolding everyone at dinner for the mess the house is in.

Who does not want to come home to the first scenario? Clutter and mess in a house are unavoidable. But we have to come up with consistent solutions that minimize them.

Have a plan: Chalk out a set plan to get rid of existing clutter and avoid cluttering. Start with one cupboard in one room every day and do not stop till you are done with that room. Take a break for a day and repeat the exercise with the other rooms. Estimate a completion date and stick to it. Keep imagining the results to keep you motivated.

Have a system for sorting: Keep boxes or large plastic covers to put away your clutter as you clean. Mark ones you want to throw, to keep and to store in three different boxes/covers and dispose accordingly.

Donate freely: Be aware that things that you have not used for about six months are unlikely to ever be used. It is best to donate them and feel happy that they are going to be of use at last. Clothes are a major contributor to clutter. Donate old clothes when you buy new ones. If your wardrobe is overflowing, make a policy to donate one outfit whenever you buy a new one. The same goes for shoes and bags.

Recycle books and magazines: Books are another source of clutter. It is difficult to part with books especially for bibliophiles. So a solution would be to share your books by donating them to a nearby library. Magazines and old newspapers can go to the raddhiwalla. We Indians are lucky to be able to make money out of waste.

Set rules: Make a hard and fast rule that every member of the family has to follow, even the little ones. Everything in its place and a place for everything. This rule cannot be changed or tweaked in any way. See how quickly the clutter dissolves.

Once you have got your house on track, make sure it stays that way. Avoiding clutter will make maintaining your house simpler, your life easier and stress-free and, as a bonus, you have a more beautiful home.