cooking Young man with vegetables standing in the kitchen at home

5 Easy Cooking Tips for Singles

The single life has a lot going for it. That glorious freedom to do what we want! However, food can pose a problem. Though most people revel in the thought of eating whatever they choose, cooking elaborate food is not practical for those who come home after a long day. Having food delivered every day is an expensive affair.

Luckily, there are ways to make quick and easy food that does not leave a large hole in your wallet. Here are a few to get you started

  1. Crackers, cheese and fruit. These three make for a great snack and are a healthy alternative to chips and other junk food.
  2. Pasta and pizza taste much better when made at home. Make one jar of a basic tomato sauce with garlic, onions, olive oil, tomatoes and oregano. This sauce, which takes just a few minutes to make, can be used with pasta, or as the base sauce for pizzas. This versatile sauce can be slathered on readymade pizza bases and topped with vegetables or meat of your choice followed by cheese. If you cannot get pizza bases, you can use toasted multigrain bread as your base.
  3. Tuna, chicken and egg. Tuna can be bought in tins and can be stored for long periods before use. Add some onions and add tuna to some mayonnaise. Add any herbs or seasoning to taste. Spread this onto some bread and you have a great tuna fish sandwich. Leftover chicken can be mixed in some mayonnaise to make a yummy chicken sandwich. Chicken can be substituted with boiled egg. If you want something more filling, along with some vegetables, put together your very own club sandwich.
  4. If you have leftover cooked vegetables like beans, carrots and so on, you can make cutlets. To the leftover vegetables, add some boiled potato, onions, coriander and chili. Divide the mixture and make them into even-size balls. Flatten each ball with the palms of your hands and dip it in beaten egg and then straight into the breadcrumbs. Shallow fry till both sides of the cutlets have browned. You can add leftover meat as well. You can substitute burger patties with the cutlets to make a burger.
  5. If you have leftover rice, you can make a quick fried rice, Use carrot, beans, baby corn, etc. Fry the vegetables first in oil of your choice. Add soya sauce, ginger garlic paste and scrambled egg. Add peanuts for texture.