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25 Time Management Tips to Change Your Life

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25 Time Management Tips to Change Your Life

Time is important to all of us. Manage it effectively and optimize your hours.

The clock runs only 24 hours, even on a busy day. Given the fast-paced life we live, you have to run along for better or for worse. Why not make it better by managing it effectively? Effective management of time helps productivity, adding quality to the precious time you spend. Work smarter, not harder by following some easy time management hacks:

  1. Prioritize your work and complete crucial ones first.
  2. Say a firm ‘No’ to taking on an unreasonable number of tasks.
  3. Focus completely on the task at hand till it is completed.
  4. Keep away distractions when you are at work. Keep your phone on silent. Do not give in to the urge to check mails and messages.
  5. Start promptly. When you fix a time, stick to it and start immediately.
  6. Do not procrastinate. The thought of an incomplete job will weigh you down, slowing all other work.
  7. Being perfect is fine but do not allow unimportant details to eat into your time.
  8. Make notes about the work to be done whenever possible. It will save you the preparatory time that goes into any work as it is all already clearly laid out.
  9. Allot a fixed time for TV, internet or gaming consoles and stick strictly to it. Time spent on them can be the biggest drain on productivity.
  10. Set a time limit. It will push you to focus and be more effective in the set time as against dragging the work for an unlimited amount of time.
  11. Take a break between tasks. Rather than rush from task to task, reward yourself with a short break after each task. This will help you recharge and naturally increase productivity.
  12. Have to-do lists but not gigantic ones. It will only overwhelm you and hang on your neck, slowing you down.
  13. Eat healthy food. Do not grab meals at untimely hours. For your brain to work your stomach has to be fed.
  14. Keep yourself hydrated. Consume water at regular intervals to stay active and chirpy.
  15. Exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which in turn will boost your energy levels. It keeps your mind clear and increases concentration.
  16. Sleep well. Do not deprive your body of the eight hours of beauty sleep that it needs to recharge.
  17. Keep weekends free. If you have to work, keep it minimal.
  18. Be organized. Following a system, be it with your folders, documents or day-to-day life, is finishing half the work already!
  19. Utilize waiting time to your benefit. Waiting rooms, long queues or bus travel can be put to advantage by making notes and plans or you could simply de-stress with a favorite book.
  20. Lock yourself in if need be. Just because you are working from home does not mean your work is not a priority.
  21. Be professional about your time. When you commit to a deadline, stick to it.
  22. Group related tasks together. You can always achieve more when you tackle similar tasks consecutively.
  23. Reward yourself with getaways and trips. It is a great way to unwind and also recharge.
  24. Do not hesitate to delegate. When you are cramped for time or have to focus on a singularly important task, take the load off you by delegating.
  25. Put a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign up when you truly want to focus on your work and get it done.