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25 Small Things to Do Every Day to Become Healthier


25 Small Things to Do Every Day to Become Healthier

Health is wealth. Here are some easy hacks to help you get healthy

We always strive to be at the top. Put in extra hours of work, meet every target, finish every designated task and just about everything to reach and remain at the top. But our health takes a back seat when it should be your first priority. Here are small, simple things to do every day to become and stay healthier:

  1. Drink two glasses of warm water every morning on an empty stomach, adding a few drops of lime juice to it.
  2. Work out a sweat, either by taking a brisk walk, doing yoga, going to the gym or a sauna.
  3. Alternate between vegetable juice and fruit juice.
  4. Have a balanced and filling breakfast.
  5. Fruit smoothies are great way to start your day. Remember, no added sugar though!
  6. Replace coffee with herbal tea. Caffeine robs you of energy.
  7. Eat whole plant-based foods. Artificial food packed with preservatives are best avoided.
  8. Jump with a skipping rope to drive up your lymphatic system.
  9. Meditate; even five minutes of meditation helps.
  10. Hug a loved one often as it releases endorphins which makes you feel good.
  11. Spend time outdoors with nature.
  12. Have a set time for device usage, unplug the rest of the time.
  13. Stay hydrated throughout the day. Water purifies the body, making it function better.
  14. Avoid food that has high sugar.
  15. Make eating salads compulsory. Have a green salad on the menu every day.
  16. Try eating your lunch outside and not by your computer.
  17. Opt for fiber-rich fruits or berries to snack on.
  18. Improve dental health by oil pulling.
  19. Be conscious of holding the right posture especially when you sit for long hours.
  20. Get a body massage regularly.
  21. Laugh heartily. Surround yourself with people who make you laugh.
  22. Listen to music; it is always a mood booster.
  23. Do not carry emotional baggage; forgive and forget.
  24. Put in eight hours of undisturbed sleep. Have a power nap during the day. Nothing recharges you better than good sleep.
  25. Fasting for 14 hours is a tested way to balance blood sugar levels, burn fat and prevent degenerative diseases. So eat your dinner by 6pm and breakfast at 8am.

Pack your days with simple and fun ways to keep you in the pink of health.