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20 Simple Ways to Lose Weight Easily

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20 Simple Ways to Lose Weight Easily

Who does not want to sport a fit and shapely body? If losing weight is on your agenda, here are some easy ways to knock off those extra kilos.

Losing weight need not necessarily involve strenuous workouts and drastic diets. Following some simple steps will help keep those pounds from adding while making you lose the extra weight. But be sure to follow these tips on a daily basis.

  1. Eat a high-protein breakfast as it helps you stay full longer and hence reduces cravings and hunger pangs.
  2. Drink water at least half an hour before every meal. It supposedly increases weight loss by about 44%.
  3. Sugary drinks are best avoided as they are among the most fattening foods that go into the body.
  4. Eating fiber soluble foods like oats and lentils are good for reducing fat.
  5. Include whole foods in your diet and never processed food.
  6. Having frequent and small meals is a good way of staying full and not overeating.
  7. Eat food slowly. Eating food fast will result in weight gain over time.
  8. Place small servings on your plate. Ideally, use smaller plates as it will automatically make you eat less.
  9. Drink green tea as the metabolic effect of the tea makes you burn a considerable amount of calories.
  10. Working with a set of weights will help you build lean muscle tissue which in turn burns more calories. The more lean muscles, the faster the slimming takes place.
  11. Spicing up your food with hot peppers can hike your basal metabolism. The compounds in peppers speed up calorie burning and reduce appetite.
  12. Reduce your salt intake. Sodium increases water retention which will make you feel and look bloated.
  13. Go for a walk, especially in the evenings, as your metabolism slows down by the end of the day. Physical activity will increase it and help make it stay high even after you go to sleep.
  14. Skipping meals will not help you lose weight. All it does is to slow down the metabolism rate in order to conserve energy. So, when you do eat, the body will be slow to use the calories as fuel.
  15. Include at least 20 minutes of moderate exercise in your daily regime. Walk to the grocery store, to the office or around the mall. Switch the elevator for stairs.
  16. Pump your body with water. It is the easiest way to lose weight as the water helps to metabolize the stored fat efficiently.
  17. You can start reducing food intake by eating three fewer bites at every meal. It will consciously prevent you from adding on mindless weight.
  18. Share your meals at parties. Order one dish at a restaurant. Split your dessert with your partner. Halving your meals can be a good solution for not gaining unnecessary weight.
  19. Combine pleasure with exercise. Dance to your favorite tunes or do some sit ups while watching TV.
  20. Sleeping well every night is a must. Poor sleep is one of the biggest causes of weight gain.

Be sensible with your weight loss program; you will not just lose weight, you will do it happily and easily.