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20 High Protein Snacks That Will Help Your Weight Loss Program

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20 High Protein Snacks That Will Help Your Weight Loss Program

Our bodies need protein for a healthy heart, bones, skin and hair. A daily dose of protein is imperative.

People on a diet should know that proteins help you feel full quickly thus preventing you from overeating. It helps build muscle mass and gives your body the essential health-boosting nutrients. Snack up on protein-rich food and discover that dieting does not mean going hungry.

Here are some delicious protein-rich snacks to include in your weight loss program:

  1. Mixed nuts: Mix a bunch of nuts with a higher ratio of almonds and pistachios as these are higher in protein than their peers. Add dried fruit for sweetness and variety. You will get your daily dose of protein with this delicious snack.
  2. Nut butter: Spread this on celery sticks or a fruit like apple and top it with nuts or raisins.
  3. Jerky: Opt for low-sodium and naturally light-flavored jerky. This chewy snack stays fresh for months with the right packaging.
  4. Pumpkin seeds: When dried and roasted, pumpkin seeds are not just delicious, they provide plenty of fiber, protein and zinc for immunity.
  5. Smoothies: Try different flavored smoothies with nuts and fruits. Use Greek yogurt, peanut butter and protein powder to increase the protein quotient.
  6. Quesadilla: Quesadilla makes for a quick and great protein snack. Combined with beans, it scales up the protein plus fiber and calcium content and is tastier too.
  7. Edamame: These boiled or steam soya beans sprinkled with salt are a rich and yummy protein snack.
  8. Granola bars: Snack on granola bars at breakfast and let the protein kick-start an energetic day.
  9. Greek yogurt: As easily available as regular yogurt, Greek yogurt is a high-protein drink that you will love to gulp down.
  10. Peanut butter and jelly: A classic snack, this is an all-time favorite. Settle for all-natural peanut in the butter and a fruit-sweetened jelly.
  11. Cheese platter: A chance to be creative and get pumped with proteins is with a cheese platter. Make a cheese stick, top up a cracker with cheese, grate it onto nibbles…get creative and make your own combos.
  12. Turkey: Don’t wait for Thanksgiving to have this protein-rich meal. Turkey sandwich with cheese, deli meat and veggies packs a loaded protein punch.
  13. Parfait: A parfait is a quick, super tasty protein snack. Make it with Greek yogurt, add fruit and honey with a sprinkling of toasted oats for a probiotic touch.
  14. Tuna: Canned tuna scooped up with whole wheat crackers gives you a healthy snack filled with proteins, omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin-D.
  15. Chocolate milk: Not just for children, chocolate milk is a good protein source for adults too. Just get one low on sugar.
  16. Burrito: A burrito with black beans, cheddar and a spoon of salsa gives you a tongue-tickling spicy dose of protein.
  17. Nut balls: Roll nut-butter on oats and chocolate chips and glaze with honey to get a cookie-like ball high on protein, antioxidants and fiber.
  18. Quinoa: Give a tasty twist to this gluten-free super-food. Add shredded coconut, ground flax and maple syrup to the quinoa and toast it for ten minutes at 425 degrees.
  19. Roasted chickpeas: Chickpeas roasted with basic seasonings make for a great protein snack to pop into the mouth whenever hungry. The humble sundal, popular in Tamil Nadu, is a simple, healthy snack.
  20. Cheese popcorn: Give a healthy protein kick to this super snack by using parmesan cheese instead of butter.