Shelves with storage boxes

20 Clever Storage Ideas for Your Home

Housekeeping seems to almost always swing between clutter and storage. Help the scales tip more towards neat storage by utilizing minimum space to maximum capacity.

You may have a tiny home. Or you may have a large home but lack closet storage. For organizing any space – be it in the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom – all it requires is some creative ideas and organizational skills.

Here are some clever hacks to utilize your space:

  1. Fix a magnetic strip in your drawers for holding metallic objects like knives and peelers in the kitchen, pins and clips in your bedroom and tweezers and nail files in the bathroom.
  2. Attach a basket behind your bathroom cabinet doors under the sink. One can contain your hair tools and another, cleaning solutions.
  3. Pin or glue pockets to your shower curtain to hold your bath essentials.
  4. Use the walls over the kitchen and bathroom sink taps to install a shelf for extra counter space.
  5. Utilize the space behind all the doors of your rooms for hanging clothes, kitchen towels or bathroom robes and towels.
  6. The cabinet doors of your kitchen can have hooks to hang your mugs and measuring spoons, or, in the case of larger cabinets, your pots, pans and cutting boards.
  7. You can also attach gripper hooks behind the cabinet doors to hold your spice containers.
  8. Mount a couple of multi-purpose hanging racks on your kitchen wall and get everything organized – from spoons and knives to plates and lids.
  9. Use deep trays to store the stuff in your fridge so you get not just more space but also need to only pull out without having to reach in.
  10. Use any tiny space or the space behind the doors to have stand-alone racks that can have shelves or rollers to hold children’s books, magazines or any knick knacks.
  11. A peg board is a good idea to create more space as you hang up your tools, arrange shelves for holding children’s toys or albums.
  12. A chest of drawers or a rack with different-sized bins or a huge laundry basket in the kids’ room will ensure that all the toys are in one place and not scattered all over the house. It is easier for the children to put away their stuff too.
  13. Wall organizers are another way to create more space and put away things in order.
  14. The space under the bed can be utilized by having pull out drawers with compartments to store your bed linen or extra clothes.
  15. You can get ottomans that double up as storage space. You can take this creative idea one level higher by stitching compartments inside it for your shoes and then using the seat when you wear them!
  16. Keep your belts, bracelets and hair bands organized in the cupboards of your bedrooms with paper towel holders or a bangle stand.
  17. Use disposable plastic containers, which you get all the time from the sweet store, or used biscuit tins to store your odds and ends. Mark each box – make-up products, hair clips, earrings, daughter’s bands, etc – and know where to find them when you need them.
  18. Fix a coat rack hook behind your cupboard door to hang necklaces and bracelets and keep them tangle free.
  19. Use a magazine rack to stack umbrellas, cricket bats or rackets.
  20. A multi-layer corner shelf for shoes saves space and keeps them organized.

Keep the ideas flowing and enjoy a well-organized, creative home!