15 Ways to Simplify Your Life

In the pursuit of material comforts, as work takes center stage, we rarely get a chance to truly enjoy what we earn. Things clutter our physical and mental space as we are constantly bombarded by advertisements, attractive photos and jingles. An hour’s peace becomes elusive.

Simple pleasures have a charm that cannot be denied. They can give you that much-needed relief from a hectic schedule and demand very little in return. Here are 15 methods to simplify your life:

  1. Clear up space: Our surroundings have an impact on our mind space as well. Clear up the clutter around you – make a place for everything and put things in their specific places. This will help you organize yourself better and relax.
  2. Give away the inessential: Impulsive buying of attractively packaged but not necessarily useful things has become common these days. Identify and dispose off what is not needed. Some of the things may be useful for others. Gift them and make space around you.
  3. Make time for new: What? Replace old junk with new? No. Learn to make new things from old. Reuse, recycle…and where possible, repair instead of replace.
  4. Follow your interests: While we pursue our careers, or get stuck in routine housework, several interests that make us happy fall by the wayside. It could be as simple as reading books, or needing to strum the guitar lying in the corner. Make time for your interests, even if it is watching a mindless comedy.
  5. Reconnect: As we get busy with work, we do not find time for friends and relatives. They form an important part of us – our childhood and our past. Reconnecting can revive the child in us.
  6. Disconnect: Social media is addictive and can connect us with people far away. Indulge but with caution. It eats into time and can cause delays in schedules, complicating life further.
  7. Count your friends: Friendship is not about quantity but quality. Some relationships can be draining. Walk away from such people. Nurture those who nourish you.
  8. Be grateful: While any small problem seems like a mountain, learn also to count your blessings. Every night, when going to bed, be thankful for the small mercies. Every morning, look forward to enjoying the day.
  9. Trigger a smile: Ask not what the world does for you. Ask what you do for the world. Did you make anyone smile today? Spread happiness.
  10. Have a schedule: Make a list of things to do and allocate time. Make sure there is time to do nothing as well…
  11. Be yourself: We are constantly projecting an image in our personal and professional lives – as a manager, CEO, parent, adult… Make time to be yourself and enjoy some me time.
  12. Create memories: You don’t need long family vacations to exotic locations. You can enjoy time spent with family at home making things together, playing simple games and even watching TV together.
  13. Pamper yourself: Spa, gym, massage – spend money and time on these feel the tension easing.
  14. Stay healthy and fit: Eat right, exercise well. Health is the greatest wealth. When the body is fit, so is the mind.
  1. Get a life: The earning-expense cycle is a vicious one. It enslaves us, keeping us from enjoying and making us feel insecure. Money is essential to live a good life, but how much is enough? Bank loans make buying easy, but it means earning enough to pay off the loan. Track your income and expenses. Draw a line; know when to stop.