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15 Ways to Increase Your Self-Confidence

BOOST YOUR self-confidence

15 Ways to Increase Your Self-Confidence

To take on the competitive world you need a great personality, a winning attitude and oodles of confidence. Working on building confidence levels will go a long way in meeting the challenges of life.

While fear can be a great contributor to success, lack of confidence is not. Boosting your confidence will increase your self-worth and self-esteem and naturally tip the scales in your favor. Confidence and self-esteem can be increased by consciously making an effort to take control of your life.

Here are some ways to work on building your self-confidence:

  1. Go the extra mile to make yourself presentable. Create an impression by being well-groomed. A clean shave, a shower and a spruced-up appearance, can do wonders to your self-confidence.
  2. Choose to dress smartly. Dressing well makes you more confident about yourself for the simple reason that you are comfortable.
  3. Positive thinking is a sure-shot formula to being self-assured and confident. Bring positivity to every aspect of your life and see the confidence that automatically surrounds you.
  4. Completely avoid negative thoughts. Identify them and kill them before they can begin to drain your confidence, and replace them with positive thoughts.
  5. Note down points that make you happy. Try to do the things that make you happy as often and as you can. And with negative things – try to keep them out of your life as much as you can. A happy you is more likely to lead to a confident you.
  6. Surround yourself with people who cheer you up, make you happy and generally send positive vibes. Supportive and uplifting people can do wonders to your self-confidence.
  7. Try to disconnect from people who set about weighing you down with unwarranted opinions and unsolicited advice that have a reverse impact on your confidence.
  8. BOOST YOUR SELF CONFIDENCE 1Put the past behind you. An unpleasant experience, a wrong choice, a poor mistake can happen to just anybody. But letting go off them and moving on to better choices makes you more sensible and more confident.
  9. Focus on your good points. If you are a creative person, set aside a time to hone your creative talents. It will have a therapeutic effect on you.
  10. Everyone has some admirable qualities. Identify yours and take pride in them. You may have a good sense of humor, you may be a good listener or you may be capable of handling a crisis. Push yourself forward, so you stand out while you handle the situation confidently.
  11. Always be well prepared. Do your groundwork thoroughly so you are well equipped. This works wonders for your confidence.
  12. Have solid principles and stick to them. By doing so you integrate discipline in your life. It earns you the respect of people automatically, making your confidence soar.
  13. Posture is vital to appearing confident. Stand tall and straight, and look people in the eye whenever you are addressing them.
  14. Set targets. Raise the bar. Practice till perfect. The sense of accomplishment has a lasting impact on your confidence levels.
  15. Adopt a good habit every month. Quit smoking, go for a jog or help with your neighbor’s kid’s homework; any small thing that you can think of. When you keep up the habit, you will feel on top of the world which is imperative for enhanced confidence.

Walk the less-trodden path, bite the bitter pill or scale the peak; do whatever it takes to become a more confident you.