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15 Reasons Why it is Important to Stay Hydrated

Water makes up more than 60 percent of our body weight, hence it is important to keep yourself hydrated through the day.

Water is what makes so many of our organs tick, acting as a cushion and protecting our vital organs. We have to make a conscious effort to drink adequate quantities of water as we cannot function efficiently otherwise. That tired, listless, sluggish feeling that assails us some days can more often than not be attributed to drinking less water.

The benefits of drinking water are endless and below are the reasons why it’s important to keep your body hydrated.

  1. Water regulates our body temperature.
  2. It helps lubricate our joints.
  3. It transports nutrients to various parts of the body.
  4. Every cell and tissue in the body needs water to work efficiently.
  5. Water is vital for the removal of waste from the body
  6. Drinking water after exercise helps prevent dehydration and cramps.
  7. For weight loss, it helps to drink water an hour before a meal. This helps in curbing your appetite. In order to aid digestion, it is recommended that you drink a glass of warm water an hour after a meal.
  8. Drinking water helps elevate your mood.
  9. Adequate hydration prevents headaches and the onset of migraines.
  10. Drinking a glass or two of warm water in the morning helps to keep constipation at bay. Add a squeeze of lime and a dash of honey for better results.
  11. Keeping hydrated helps promote better sleep at night.
  12. For glowing skin, it is recommended to drink water at regular intervals.
  13. Tests have proven that water helps boost brainpower, as cognitive tasks are performed better by well-hydrated individuals.
  14. When you are well-hydrated, many infectious diseases are kept at bay.
  15. Drinking water lowers the risk of coronary heart disease. When the heart is clogged with plaque, the risk of a heart attack is higher. The American Journal of Epidemiology states that drinking adequate water helps to keep the heart healthy.

Though you need to drink adequate amounts of water throughout the day, experts warn against drinking too much water, as it may reduce your kidneys’ ability to filter out waste. Thus, it is recommended to drink on an average of 8 glasses of water keeping in mind the fact the amount of water required by the body tends to differ from one person to another. It is usually recommended that you drink water when thirsty, and also include other fluids and fruit with high water content in your diet.

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