Boost Your Metabolism

The result of the collective action of the body systems and processes to generate energy is metabolism. By boosting your metabolism, you produce more energy which means you will be more active and also burn more calories.

While working out is the standard way of increasing metabolism, there are certain hacks you can integrate into your routine in many simple ways.

Here are some surefire ways to boost your metabolism:

  1. Stand more: Try to stand whenever you can. Stand every 15 minutes after sitting. Rack up any plan that will have you standing up more than sitting down during the day. For starters, you can read this story standing up!
  2. Keep those veggies coming: Include more vegetables in your meals to help speed up your metabolism. The fiber in veggies needs more energy to break down and the surplus vitamins and minerals will increase metabolism.
  3. Gulp down ice water: Working on the theory of thermogenesis, ice cold water drunk in the morning can boost metabolism and burn calories faster.
  4. Feed on protein-rich foods: Eating food high in protein will raise your metabolism. Protein is the main macronutrient that requires the most energy to break down.
  5. Indulge in spicy food: Adding a little more spice to your food using chili, ginger, turmeric or cayenne ups the metabolism as it burns fats faster.
  6. Reward yourself with a heavy meal after workouts: It is not wrong to eat a rich meal after a workout. The protein synthesis resulting from the exercise will ensure that all the calories from the meal are tucked into the right places.
  7. Turn to caffeine: Caffeine is known to mobilize fat or adipose tissue. It also has appetite-curbing properties. So reaching out for caffeine is not bad for you; loading it with cream and sugar is.
  8. Fast intermittently: Fasting and eating intermittently is found to be a great way to increase metabolism.
  9. Reach for cinnamon: Recent studies have shown that an intake of about a tablespoon of cinnamon everyday will regulate glucose levels and control weight gain. So make a practice of sprinkling this spice on your dessert, oatmeal or in your tea.
  10. Lemon before meals: Drinking sugarless lemon juice, especially before meals, will make it less likely for your body to store sugars and carbohydrates as fat. It also helps detox the liver, thus increasing metabolism.
  11. 11. Green tea intake: This miracle drink helps to suppress fat absorption, keeps glucose levels in check after meals, prevents insulin spikes and curbs appetite. Increase your intake of green tea to benefit from its many miracles.
  12. Expose yourself to cold: Cold temperatures increase metabolism, lower body fat, increase energy expenditure, lower blood sugar and bring down food cravings. So try out a cold shower or an ice bath or decrease the air conditioning to an uncomfortably cold temperature even if it is for a few minutes a day.
  13. Eat fatty foods but healthy ones: Eating healthy fats that are present in foods like coconut, eggs and avocado will ensure that metabolism is not static when you are cutting out calories. It keeps energy levels stable too.
  14. Build muscle: One pound of extra muscle on your body will burn about 30-50 calories. So reach out for those weights.
  15. Get motivated: Turn to gadgets like Fitbit or apps like Argus as incentives to track your physical activity in a day. You will automatically add more strides and movements, which will in turn boost your metabolism.
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