10 Ways to Be Self-Motivated

The fuel to our fire to achieve anything in life is motivation. More often than not, though, we feel dejected and demotivated, not being able to muster enthusiasm to achieve our regular goals or to rise above our circumstances.

Some of the common reasons for demotivation can be:

  • Lack of vision: We breathe, eat, sleep, work or study but don’t know what for. We may be good at discharging our duties responsibly but do not aspire for anything more
  • Lack of encouragement: We may aspire, but we are often surrounded by people who question our every attempt to break away from monotony and dream
  • Loneliness: We may be surrounded by people, but have no one who can share our drive and dreams. This can be a dampener and we may find it easier to conform than to achieve
  • Constant criticism: Feedback is good, but we may be surrounded by people who constantly point out mistakes without contributing any positive idea on how to improve
  • Lack of leaders: To take a bold step, a role model or example can help. In the absence of one, the lack of clarity can cause demotivation.
  • Fear of failure: This is probably one of the greatest factors that causes demotivation – what if we fail? Instead of taking an unknown path, sticking to the known may seem comforting.
  • Lack of autonomy: Not having the freedom to choose, decide and act can dampen the spirits and make one dispirited.

There could be other reasons too.

A few ways to feel motivated include:

  1. Have a vision and goal posts: When you know exactly what you want to achieve and how to go about it, a lot of the confusion you experience will vanish and give you the needed motivation to surge ahead.
  2. Find positivity: Nurture relationships with people who are achievers themselves and have a positive outlook even in the face of difficulties. Read self-help books and strengthen your mind regardless of what people around you say. Be positive and encourage others – that can boost your self-confidence and motivation levels.
  3. Find peers: Your own friends’ circle may not have people with similar aspirations, but there will be enough people out there who have similar goals. Befriend them. This will rejuvenate you.
  4. Processing feedback: While being criticized can be demotivating, it may contain insights that can in fact help you improve and achieve your dreams faster. Instead of being dejected, incorporate improvements. If there are no constructive suggestions, then ignore them.
  5. Find role models: You may not have any around you, but the Internet today has made it easy to find out and connect with people from far and wide. Use it to find inspirational stories and people.
  6. Embrace failure: Thomas Alva Edison apparently invented the electric bulb after 999 attempts. He said: “I have not failed 10,000 times. I have not failed once. I have succeeded in proving that those 10,000 ways will not work. When I have eliminated the ways that will not work, I will find the way that will work.” Yes, failures are learning experiences. Do not let failure discourage you from trying the next time. Analyze what went wrong and try a different approach.
  7. Find an escape route: Sometime we have a very dominating boss, father, mother or spouse who may not trust us or allow us to do anything independently. Walking away may not be a solution. Find a hobby or an activity away from them that makes you happy and gives you at least a few minutes of peace and happiness. This would also apply if you have a job that is boring and monotonous. While circumstances maybe such that you have to grin and bear, pursuing a hobby can bring some sparkle into your life and motivate you to look beyond your circumstance.
  8. Time for a break: Sometimes, being tired and overworked can be the cause for demotivation. Take a break, reenergize and come back with new vigor.
  9. Create suspense: Don’t reveal your plans if you want to achieve something grand and are not sure if you are up to it. Revealing just a little and creating suspense can create excitement around the act and motivate you to excel in it.
  10. Be yourself: Demotivation can arise when we compare ourselves with others and find ourselves lacking. Each person has a different capability and pace. Trust yourself and track only your progress. Seeing even small progress can be highly motivating to achieve the next level.