10 Ways to Fall Asleep Fast

Don’t we all wish we had that magic formula to fall asleep fast and help us get those eight hours of beauty sleep? Tossing and turning and counting innumerable sheep should be banished from one’s everyday bedtime routine!

During a working week, it is important for the body to have a regular routine so that the circadian routines can be established. So efforts to have a good night’s sleep should actually start earlier in the day. Here are some pointers on how to set the tone for achieving a good night’s rest.

  1. A daily exercise routine for half an hour to forty five minutes is a surefire way to exhaust the body. For all those with a sedentary desk job, some form of exercise is a must. Working out also releases feel-good endorphins which reduce stress automatically aiding the sleep process.
  2. An early dinner helps because you go to bed feeling light. There is no risk of tossing and turning because of that feeling of heaviness.
  3. You should resist the temptation to hit the sack early however tired you are. Set a realistic bedtime, ensuring that you do not turn into bed too early in the evening. Keep awake by watching a television show, ideally in your living room. Retire to your bedroom only closer to bedtime.
  4. A warm cup of milk with a spoon of honey is a great bedtime drink. Beverages to be avoided after 6 pm are coffee, tea and green tea.
  5. A warm shower before turning in for the night brings down the body temperature, preparing it for the sleep process.
  6. Slipping into comfortable night clothing will further help you relax and stretch comfortably in bed.
  7. Your bed should have a firm mattress and a pillow that cushions your head rather than resisting it like a wall of bricks!! Smooth satiny sheets and soft downy pillows can encourage you to snuggle down for a great night’s sleep.
  8. A few drops of lavender sprinkled on the pillow is a great way to ensure a good night’s rest.
  9. Ensure that the bedroom is dimly lit or totally dark when you retire as light can interfere with your attempts to sleep, especially the blue light from phones and other electronic equipment.
  10. Deep breathing techniques and meditation in bed will give you a peaceful night’s rest.
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