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10 Ways to Celebrate New Year Alone

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10 Ways to Celebrate New Year Alone

‘Self-love’, ‘me-time’, ‘alone time’…we’ve heard these terms being bandied about for a few years now. The truth is, no matter how much we love our families and friends, with work and other commitments taking up so much of our time, we rarely spend time alone. Spending time alone can often be therapeutic and transformative so this NYE try something new and ring in the New Year on your own.

  1. Take a trip: Plan a trip to an exotic destination you’ve never been to before. Travel in December is usually expensive so plan ahead and do some destination research. Even if you’re on a shoestring budget you can explore our own Incredible India. We do however recommend that you choose safe, well-reviewed accommodation if you’re on your own; avoid Air BNB and other co-sharing accommodation unless you are 100% certain of your safety. Some locations on our bucket list: Cambodia, Japan, Tanzania; in India – Ladakh, Kutch and the Andamans.
  1. Meditate, levitate: Head far from the ‘madding crowd this New Year and book yourself into a meditation retreat. If self-reflection isn’t quite your scene, then book yourself into an Ayurvedic center or a spa and unwind with some hot-stone massage therapy. 
  1. Retail therapy: If spa therapy doesn’t work for you, then don’t hesitate to pull out your debit card for a bit of retail therapy. Writer Sophie Kinsella commented that psychiatric therapy and retail therapy often cost the same, but at least with shopping you get a dress out of it! Post Christmas everyone goes on sale so make the most of it. Happy shopping! 
  1. Date your favorite hero: Book a ticket to the newest Hollywood or Bollywood release at your favorite multiplex on the 31st. Splurge and get the good seats which recline. Pre-order some delicious food and enjoy your time alone with your favorite pretty people onscreen.
  1. Wine tasting: Be adventurous and try new experiences this New Year, like wine tasting. Twenty years ago a visit to a functioning vineyard was reserved only for those who could afford trips to Napa Valley or Bordeaux. But now you can travel to the Sula Vineyards in Nasik, 230 kms outside of Mumbai, and spend a delightful day exploring their vineyards. 
  1. Take a class: Check something off of your bucket list by taking a class on ballroom dancing or tarot card reading. If you’ve always wanted to learn to scuba diving, then seize the day and sign up for a workshop – the world is your oyster. 
  1. Escape with a book: With such busy schedules these days, use the New Year to spend time alone in your favorite armchair with a book you’ve been meaning to read. Order food from your favorite restaurant and enjoy your meal at home with a glass of wine. 
  1. Make reservations: Spending time alone at a restaurant is always fun because you not only get to eat everything you want, you need not share! Dining by yourself also gives one ample opportunity for another interesting social experience – people watching! 
  1. Get a tattoo: Commemorate your independence with a tattoo. Choose a symbol or an image of a positive experience or an affirmation and have it inked. This often serves as a positive affirmation of your wonderful life when you most need it. Choose a tattoo artist who comes recommended, and uses fresh needles and high-quality ink.
  1. Go on a pilgrimage: Many people choose to welcome the New Year by attending midnight mass in church or visiting their favorite place of worship first thing in the morning for a meaningful spiritual experience. You could also choose to go on a tour of your favorite temple town or visit a place of worship which is of special significance. For instance, the waters of the Bangla Sahib Gurudwara in New Delhi are said to have healing powers and the Lotus (Ba’hai) Temple) is renowned for both its stunning architecture and welcoming ambiance.



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