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10 Valentine’s Day Surprises to Make Her Day

10 Valentine’s Day Surprises to Make Her Day 

Stuck for ideas as to what to get for that special woman in your life this Valentine’s Day? Fret not. We have some great ideas for you…

The market is flooded with V-day cards, trinkets, soft toys and many more. One can either go with the flow or think different and gift something new and unique to your special person.

Scroll down for some fresh ideas, which will make this Valentine’s Day the best ever for her:

  • Fresh, lovely blooms: What can be more beautiful than some beautiful, fresh flowers to usher in Valentine’s Day? Skip the red roses; they are so passé! Surprise your loved one early on Valentine’s Day morning with fresh-as-dew blooms for a beautiful start to this special day.
  • Special photo collage: The perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one would be a photo collage of all your precious memories together. Your wife/girlfriend will be really pleased to relive those lovely memories all over again.
  • A beautiful watch: Women love their timepieces and this Valentine’s, you can make it more special by gifting a unique, one-of-a-kind watch. During Valentine’s season, most companies debut their special edition timepieces. You can choose from any one of them.
  • Love candles: You can surprise your girlfriend with custom-made love candles. You can light up your Valentine’s Day dinner with these beautiful candles. The candles come with lovely messages inscribed on them, which are sure to impress your better half.
  • Personalized love puzzles: A lovely Valentine’s Day gift would be a personalized love puzzle. The puzzle would include all the places that are part of your love story. The first place you met, where the first love confession was made and so on. It will be real fun recreating those precious memories.
  • Customized cakes: No Valentine’s Day celebration is complete without a cake. You can either order a custom-made cake with her favorite ingredients or bake one yourself. Both are sure to melt your loved one’s heart.
  • Love jewelry: Every Valentine’s Day people gift their loved ones love jewelry- heart shaped earrings, pendants and rings. This year, you can also gift love jewelry but with a difference… instead of hearts, get your names engraved on the jewelry. That would be a different take on love, right?
  • The latest gadgets: Everyone loves modern-day gadgets like the latest model phone, laptop, etc. So this Valentine’s, surprise your loved one with the newest phone model hitting the market and see the sparkle in her eyes.
  • Buy her a Polaroid: The Polaroid is one of the hottest gift items of the year. So this year, buy her a Polaroid with which you can capture sweet memories together.

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  • Teddy bears and cards: Now that a long list of different Valentine’s Day gifts has been made, don’t forget the conventional teddy bears, heart-shaped balloons and V-day cards. These items are a hit, both then and now.
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