Valentine’s Day

10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Special Man

Gifting for Valentine’s Day is largely skewed in favor of the women! But, the men love being pampered and gifted too. Here are 10 awesome gifts to let your man know how much you love him.

It is the season for roses, chocolates and gifts. The month of love is upon us and the day dedicated to lovers is around the corner. While men have been planning and saving for gifts of all kinds, what do they get in return?

Well girls, don’t despair!. There are creative and special gifts other than the done-to-death ties and wallets. Though it is the thought that counts, putting a little more thought into your gifts will make your special man feel loved and adored.

  1. A ‘Man Can’: Though men may never admit it, they would love to be pampered in a spa. Prepare a hamper with male beauty products. Maybe he can do with some help in using them too!
  2. Aromatherapy wrap: An innovative way to give your man some well-needed rest is through a plaid neck/back cotton flannel wrap that has fragrant herbs and flax. It can be warmed in the microwave and allows your guy to soothe his muscles.
  3. Multi-gadget keychain: The ultimate keychain that has multi-bit screwdriver, mini-wrench, blade, and an LED flashlight too!
  4. Personalized hamper: Pack hot chocolate sachets with a personalized mug with photographs of your special moments. Enjoy a cuppa hot chocolate together this Valentine’s day.
  5. Scratch map: For all the wanderlusts out there, gift a scratch map that allows you to plan vacations together while ticking places off your itinerary. While framing it do remember to leave the glass covering.
  6. ‘Butler’ system’: A perfect way to avoid his clutter lying around—a place to hang glasses, keys and phones in the same place.
  7. Go green: Nothing better than bonsai plants to remind him of you. It keeps him healthy and is a gift that will last a lifetime.
  8. Personalized business case: Customize a handy carrying case for his business papers, newspapers and magazines.
  9. Mini espresso maker: For the man who needs caffeine, here is the perfect solution. An espresso maker that produces piping-hot fresh espresso any time, any place.
  10. ‘You are my…’ book: Create your own book with photographs of you and your man with you-complete-me lines (‘you are the apple in my strudel’, etc.) on each page. A gift that can be carried around and cherished.

So there you go ladies! No excuses for coming up with common gifts like wallets, deos and key chains. You can go all out and that too in style. And your man is sure to appreciate a gift with a difference!