mindless eating

10 Simple Tips to Get Over Mindless Eating

Mindless eating is described as ‘subconscious eating habits that can lead to unnecessary weight gain’. Isn’t it just bang on?

Mindless eating more or less arises out of habit, stress or mere boredom. If your cookie container depletes in a jiffy or you are wondering how those munchies disappeared in a huff, then you need to take stock. Concentrate on tips that will help you stop eating mindlessly.

We give you some below:

  1. Focus on your food: It is a proven fact that when you are not paying attention to what you are eating, you will end up eating more, not even realizing that you are already full.
  2. Do not eat in front of the TV: A sure shot way to eating mindlessly is when you are parked in front of the idiot box. Your bag of popcorn might be gone long before the movie on the telly is over!
  3. Stop using gadgets at mealtime: When you are looking at the phone during meals, you are simply shoveling food into your mouth and not eating it.
  4. Have smaller servings: Opt for the smaller plate rather than the large dinner one. That way, you will have smaller portions. Even with a big plate, do not pile on the food at one go but go back for second helpings.
  5. Drink water before every meal: Drinking a glass of water 15 minutes before a meal will reduce hunger and prevent overeating.
  6. It is alright to leave food: While wasting food is a big ‘No’, it is alright not to clear your plate of everything that has been put before you. A sensible alternative is to serve yourself or be served only small servings as you will neither waste nor overeat.
  7. Eat from a plate, not pack: Do not grab snacks straight out of a pack. Put a small quantity on a plate and eat no more than that. With a pack you are liable to take one too many.
  8. Avoid having the serving bowls on the table: Having the serving bowls on the dining table means it is handier to help yourself to more. Placing only the salad bowl is a better idea.
  9. Eat slowly: For your body to inform you that you are full, it takes a good 20 minutes. So if you eat in a hurry you will stuff yourself beyond full. Savor every bite, place down your spoon in between bites and chew slowly. You will not just enjoy the meal, you will restrain from overeating.
  10. Brush your teeth after every meal: Brushing your teeth after you eat something tricks your mind into believing that you are finished with eating. It also makes you less inclined to spoil that fresh minty taste in your mouth with a savory or sweet snack.