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10 Reasons Why Cats Make for Great Pets

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10 Reasons Why Cats Make for Great Pets

Cat or dog? Which makes for a better pet? Most dog lovers do not understand how people can be cat lovers. To them cats are self-involved and not very affectionate. Cat lovers would say that they have their own way of showing love.

Here are the reasons why cats make for great pets:

  1. funny-cats-self-pictureCats love to play. Give them a string and they will play with it for a quite a while. They are entertaining and being agile, they tend to display entertaining leaps, pounces and backward flips.
  2. You know that all is good and your kitty cat is in bliss when they start their rhythmic purring. It’s a very comforting and delightful sound.
  3. Cats may not be as affectionate as dogs, but once they get attached, they are yours for life.
  4. Domestic cats use a litterbox to do their business. They don’t require collars or time-consuming walks.
  5. Cats do not require constant attention. Dogs get very distressed if you leave them even for just a few hours. Cats do not have an issue with long hours.
  6. Cats are extremely clean and do not require baths. They groom themselves and enjoy a good brushing.
  7. young-ginger-catThey are natural hunters. Thanks to them, you may not see many bugs and lizards in your home.
  8. Cats are very intuitive. They can make out when you are upset and will come to you. If you are upset, chances are that your pet will mirror that emotion.
  9. They are happiest when you pet them, especially if you give their chin a nice scratch.
  10. Cats won’t forget you that easily. If you have been away, they will come to you almost immediately on your return. They will, however, sniff your clothes for some time to see if you have been around any other furry creatures!