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10 NY Weight Loss Hacks

Losing weight can be tough. But with some weight loss hacks or mind tricks, you can make it easier.

Listing diet plans or joining a gym is a superfluous exercise if you cheat on it or play truant. While it helps being more disciplined, you could also try to fool your senses into sticking to a diet plan. Try mind hacks and every trick in the hat to lose weight. Start with these ten this New Year:

  1. Drink water whenever you feel hungry. It leaves you feeling full with no room for junk food. Drink a glass before every meal, it fills you up faster, making you eat less. Side effects? It leaves you more energetic!
  2. Opt for the smaller snack plate over the larger dinner plate. It looks full with less food, tricking your mind into believing you are eating a lot.
  3. Choose a store in the next neighborhood for your grocery shopping and go by foot. Choose an entrance that is farthest from your shopping needs when you go to a mall. Take the fire exit instead of the elevator or escalator. You will be surprised to see that your shopping trips have made you cover more miles than your treadmill!
  4. Breakfast within 30 minutes of waking up. You will not give yourself reason to eat more in the name of a late breakfast. Have a filling breakfast with fruit or vegetable smoothies, which will fill you up till lunchtime and prevent mindless snacking.
  5. Have a big salad of vegetables on your table at lunch and dinnertime. It is a good idea to eat them before your meals, so you eat less of everything else.
  6. Leave all other things on your menu behind in the kitchen and only the salad bowl on your dining table. This will entail you to get up and make trips for servings and second helpings. And you are more likely to clean up your salad bowl rather than the other dishes!
  7. Do not avoid snacks entirely. They are a must for your demanding taste buds. But be mindful of the portions. Have them as servings in a bowl or plate rather than eating them right out of the bag.
  8. Mobile phones should have you doing exactly what they mean, be mobile! Walk while you talk; it is a great way to complete your daily quota of walking.
  9. Leave your book behind when you take your kids to the park. Do a few rounds of the park while keeping an eye on your kids.
  10. Look up healthy alternatives to your favorite calorie-filled snacks. They are equally tasty and help you cut down on fats and calories as a bonus.