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10 Hacks to Become a Morning Person

morning person

While most individuals aspire to bounce out of bed every morning, cheerful and bursting with energy, the reality in the mornings is far removed from this – with the temptation being to hit the snooze button and curl up in bed!

All it takes are a few alterations in one’s morning routine to bring a sea change in one’s lifestyle. Having pets, gardening, an exercise routine…all contribute to one automatically becoming a morning person. Here are a few pointers which are a surefire way to becoming a cheerful person in the early hours of the day!

Healthy breakfast.

1. Eat a healthy breakfast: The first meal of the morning sets the tone for the day. You have to work out what suits you best. Some people find that they prefer fruit for breakfast and so bananas, papayas, strawberries, etc are a great way to start the day. A fruit- and yoghurt-based smoothie is very filling. Another healthy breakfast option would be oats, sprinkled with flax seeds. A brown bread sandwich with a tomato and cucumber or egg filling is another option.

2. Pleasant alarm tone: Choose the right alarm tone that would ease you awake gently rather than a pop music number that would rudely shatter your sleep pattern.

Make the bed right after you wake up.

3. Make your bed: Once you awaken, make your bed immediately in order to resist the impulse of getting back into bed at some point. Once the bed is made, it is a sign to your brain that bedtime is done and dusted with.

4. Have a morning plan: You have to chalk out a morning routine rather than wandering around aimlessly. It is important to pack the first few hours of your day with a pattern of activity to ensure a more productive and fruitful day.

Natural light when waking up.

5. Allow natural light: Ensure that there is natural light in your bedroom and the rest of your house, as this will help you awaken quicker. Light makes the house airy and serves as a great mood elevator.

6. Enjoy the morning: Make sure that you awaken early enough to enjoy the morning rather than rush through your morning routine. Give yourself enough time to read the morning paper with your cup of coffee.

Have an exercise routine.

7. Have an exercise routine: Be it a morning walk or a few minutes of yoga these are activities that will ensure that you have a reason to get out of bed and get moving. If you live in a friendly neighborhood, find a like-minded soul to walk with in the mornings. This will ensure you are out of bed on time and ready for your walk. A walk in the fresh air and the morning chatter will make sure you are set for the day.

8. Connect with people: Cheesy as it may seem, sometimes exchanging good morning messages with close friends, relatives or classmates early in the morning can actually cheer you up and give you a reason to wake up on time.

Get a pet.

9. Get a pet: There is no better alarm than a pet dog or cat. Provided one can be committed to taking care of a pet full time, it is good to get a dog or a cat as they work as a great alarm clock, putting a smile on your face with their unconditional love. Again, this has to be a carefully thought of decision because you need to have systems in place for their care 24/7.

10. Good quality sleep: Ensure that you get a good eight hours of sleep at night. Avoid late nights and keep your room free of noise and artificial light in order to ensure a sound night’s sleep.


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