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10 DIY Christmas Decorations for This Yuletide

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Beautiful holdiay decorated room with Christmas tree with presents under it

10 DIY Christmas Decorations for This Yuletide

 This year, make Christmas celebrations extra special with handmade decorations and gifts.

Think December, think Christmas. It’s that time of the year again when we gather with family and friends to celebrate all the good things in life. Christmas is also synonymous with cake, good food, gifts and beautiful decorations. Getting the home ready for Christmas begins early, as family members chip in with fresh ideas. The market is flooded with Christmas decorations. You can either decorate your home with those or follow our tips to create easy and unique Christmas decorations that can be made in a jiffy.

Ten DIY Christmas decoration ideas coming up:

1. Peppermint-striped candlesticks: Brighten up your Christmas decor by making peppermint-striped candlesticks. These can be made in the Christmas colors of red and white.

2.Bottlecap snowman decorations: Make good use of old bottlecaps in the home to string up beautiful snowmen. These can be hung on the walls or front door.

3.Music CD Christmas ornaments: The CD collection at home comes in handy during Christmas as they can be cut into small pieces and transformed into shiny, beautiful ornaments.

4.Christmas gift tags: Why not use your children’s artwork as tags for gifts meant for near and dear ones? It is a beautiful way of sending Christmas greetings.

5.Sweater gift toppers: Make use of old sweaters at home to create cute mittens as gift toppers. Add some buttons and embroidery for added beauty.

6.Glass snow globes: One can put the glassware at home to good use by creating mini snow globes by teaming the glassware with small plastic Christmas trees, reindeer, etc.

7.Santa hat cushion covers: This Christmas season, get extremely creative and design cushion and chair covers as Santa hats. You will earn lot of praise for this DIY decoration.

8.Gold-striped gift tags: Make use of golden chocolate wrappers to create beautiful gold-striped gift tags.

9.Use plastic straws: Gather all the plastic straws at home, color them in your favorite colors and voila! You have beautiful Christmas decorations for the tree and the house.

10.Yarn ball wreath: Make good use of multi-colored yarns to create beautiful wreaths for the front door. This will add to the allure of your Christmas decor.