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10 Awesome Hobby Ideas


10 Awesome Hobby Ideas

Technology has made life way easier but it has also made yesteryear’s time-spending formula – hobbies – take a back seat.

What do we do when we have a little free time? Sit glued to the TV, constantly check for messages online or scroll mindlessly through social media networks would be some ready answers. These activities (if they may be called that), may help kill time but they do not seem fulfilling. They leave you restless and with a feeling of dissatisfaction. Swap these mundane mind traps for hobbies that are fun and creative and get that zing back into your life. Some awesome hobbies to check out would be:

  1. Trekking or biking: Take the next step to walking and go trekking. Pick out trails; even metros have them if you seek them out. Alternatively, you can gather a few friends for company and take a bike ride. Try biking at night if morning is difficult. Biking and trekking can be quite addictive; once you start, you are bound to get hooked!
  2. Reading: With celluloid and virtual media as easy choices for entertainment, reading as a pastime is dwindling. Remember your childhood days, when books were the be all and end all of entertainment? Many satisfying moments were spent in devouring your favorite author’s book; every birthday meant another gift collection of books. Revisit this hobby and see that thrill return.
  3. DIY: Pick out DIY books or get some ideas online. Get started on anything that needs fixing in the house and from there, go on to experiment with something new every day – like a craft, recipe or skill. You will love the results and so will your family and friends as they receive your self-made gifts.
  4. Gardening: This is an all-time relaxing hobby. With many options for gardening like window plants, balcony gardens and terrace gardens besides plots, lack of space is certainly not a deterrent for this hobby.
  5. Board games: Tune up your brain cells by setting out a chess board or test your vocabulary with a game of Scrabble. Board games keep you and your family and friends entertained for hours.
  6. Volunteer: There are several organizations that will benefit from your presence and any dedicated skill. You will in turn benefit from the satisfaction of making a little difference to someone or something. Blind schools, hospitals, government schools where you can teach English…are some of the many organizations you can volunteer to work.
  7. Learn: Use your time to learn a new language, music, dance or skill. Sign up for that correspondence graduation course you have been wanting to achieve. It is never too late for education.
  8. Exercise: Fitness and exercise should take priority in today’s life. Take up yoga, join a gym or a Zumba class. There are exercise options that will entertain you as well as make you fitter.
  9. Adopt a pet: Pets in the house can occupy your time like no other. The hours spent in their care are rewarding as you receive their unconditional love.
  10. Photography: If you are in the habit of clicking anything that captures your attention, you can make a hobby out of photography. Many tips on photography or tutorials are also available to achieve finesse in this hobby.